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SeaCare's marine ingredients work in concert to deliver one of the most powerful immune-boosting supplements on planet earth.

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#1. How SeaCare boosts the immune system.

The health benefits of sea cucumber, the main ingredient in SeaCare, have been documented since the Ming Dynasty.  The balance of our marine ingredients, sea urchin and marine grasses, work in concert to optimize absorption and potency and remove the naturally-occuring toxins sea cucumber is known to have. No other supplement of its kind can make these claims.

There are several factors responsible for SeaCare's ability to nourish, regulate, and boost the immune system, starting with the species of sea cucumber we use, the complex exacting extraction and mixing process we employ, and the dedication we have to delivering our product in its natural liquid state (frozen to ensure freshness), thereby preserving its essential nutrients and immune-boosting ingredients.

#2. Who can take SeaCare.

SeaCare is meant for adults, children and even pets, especially those with a compromised immune system. Think of SeaCare as food for your immune system, nourishing and fortifying it so it can heal itself.


People who take SeaCare have reported phenomenal improvements in their health and their energy level and we think you will too. We encourage you to independently research sea cucumber and learn why modern medicine is now recognizing its significant health benefits and incorporating it  into their clinical trials and treatment protocols.



#3. SeaCare is great for your pets!

Everything SeaCare does for humans—does for dogs and cats.


When it comes to their cats and dogs, our customers swear by SeaCare. No matter what they're suffering from SeaCare has proven time and again to be a life-changing elixir. Just like their human counterparts, pets benefit from a robust immune system so they can fight off the pathogens that compromise their health. 

If your furry best friend could use a boost to its immune system, we think SeaCare will make all the difference. 

To learn more CLICK HERE.

#4. Why SeaCare is so expensive.

SeaCare has a host of benefits other sea cucumber-based supplements don't.

  • SeaCare is harvested in warm, tropical waters, where the superior nutrient-rich sea cucumber species are known to thrive. Most other brands are derived from cold water species.

  • SeaCare uses only the most potent extracts from the stomach lining of the sea cucumber, whereas competitors dehydrate the entire sea cucumber carcass, a process that destroys the nutrients that actually aid the immune system.

  • SeaCare's formula is derived from complex harvesting and combining methods no other brand does, producing an exponentially superior product.

  • SeaCare has additional ingredients other brands don't (sea urchin and marine grasses), critical to removing 100% of its naturally-occurring toxins, resulting in a more potent supplement with greater absorption..

  • SeaCare is eaten, not 'taken', and is delivered frozen in its natural liquid state to preserve the potency and absorption of its beneficial nutrients. 

#5. Why we have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Since 1984  we've heard thousands of first-hand accounts of the incredible results our customers have experienced after taking SeaCare—no matter their condition. 

We're so confident that SeaCare will make a difference for you too, that we'll give you a full refund if it doesn't.  And that's a promise.*

*Customers who return SeaCare within 90 days of use are eligible for a full refund; and are automatically opted-out of our Program Discounts and will no longer be able to purchase SeaCare in the future.

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#6. How to take SeaCare.

You don't 'take' SeaCare, you eat it.


SeaCare is frozen and will become a loose gel-like consistency when thawed. It's best mixed in your favorite juice to mask its mild fishy taste. It takes approximately 10 minute to thaw.

SeaCare remains active in the system for 12-14 hours and does not 'build up'. To keep it in your system, we recommend that you take it every 12 hours.


Adults: Take two (2) packets daily - One (1) in the morning and one (1) at night. Adults may double their dose to experience more powerful results.

Children (ages 4 and above): Take one (1) packet daily - half (1/2) in the morning and half (1/2) at night, or as directed by a physician.

Pets: Dogs require only half the dose humans do. So a 1-month supply will last two months, and so on. 

#7. SeaCare's Ingredients

SeaCare is a 100% natural sea cucumber-based supplement for designed for immune health.


SeaCare is comprised of extracts from sea cucumbers, sea urchin, and marine grasses. There are no additives or preservatives. SeaCare's active ingredients are meticulously extracted, producing a formula with superior potency and absorption and zero toxins.

Sea Cucumber (bêche-de-mer): Sea cucumber can be found in waters throughout the world, but only the extract from a handful of warm-water species is known to have immune boosting properties, namely ‘Frondoside A’—the active ingredient in SeaCare that acts as an anti-inflammatory. SeaCare delivers the highest level of Frondoside A. More than any other sea cucumber-based supplement in the world.


Sea Urchin (echinus): Sea Urchin contains high doses of natural vitamin A and vitamin C, two essential immune boosters. Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for regulating the body’s reaction to invading pathogens; it also enhances the body’s natural defense cells. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body’s cells from harmful toxins, and also encourages white blood cell production to help the body fight infection and expedite healing.


Marine Grasses: Marine Grasses enhance absorption and ensure balance and effectiveness of each of SeaCare’s natural marine ingredients.

SeaCare contains sea food and shellfish, and anyone with seafood or shellfish allergies should use caution and consult with a doctor prior to taking SeaCare. There are no known adverse or long-lasting side effects experienced by people who have taken SeaCare.


#8. How to store and travel with SeaCare.

SeaCare is shipped in a frozen state and can be consumed up to seven-days thawed. To ensure optimal freshness, avoid prolonged exposure to heat. and re-freeze it upon receipt and keep it frozen prior to consumption.


When transporting SeaCare, keep it on ice and when able, store it with your checked luggage (as it's cooler in the cargo hold of the airplane). Refreeze it once you arrive at your destination. 

#9. Are there ways to make it easier for me to afford SeaCare?

Yes! There are several fund-raising tools available to you. Some of our customers have used GoFundMe, Crowdfunding, and Fundly with great success. 

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